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As mentioned in my intro thread, I'm currently dogless, but likely looking to get a pomeranian in a few years when circumstances are better suited to me having a dog.

I grew up with a pomeranian, who was with my family until earlier this year when he sadly passed away at the age of 15.

It's not much of a question in my mind that when getting a dog of my own, this is the breed I'll want because of how much of a joy he was. I know no other dog is going to be exactly like Sambu and I know each individual dog is different even within a breed, but I'd still love some more general information to know what to expect, what may be familiar to my past experience, etc.

So does anyone here have poms (or has had them in the past)? What have your experiences with the breed been? If you've had multiple poms, what traits do you feel seem pretty common to the breed? How have they differed as individuals?
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