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Poll: Nicknames, pet names for your dog(s)?

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What are your pet names for your dog?

I try hard to stick with her name but also call her 'little girl'. My bestie calls her 'dawwwg' and 'rotten dog' ;)

Puppy school calls her "baby"...

She knows all of them, of course, but I am working on getting her to know her true name best

What are you calling your dog?
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I use sweetie, sweetie pie, baby and elmer (cause one of my dogs stick to me like glue). Then when they're doing something not so good, it's bonehead, meathead or knothead.
I usually just call them their names but occasionally I slip into nickname mode and call Radar baby or babe, Desoto aussie or monster.
I have way too many of them ... but generally for Abbylynn ... it is " Baby Girl " .... For Blu Boy it is Boo-Boo ... and for Leeo it is EEpie. :)
Chu-Chu (full name, Chewbacca) we call Monkey Boy cause he looked a lot like Chewbacca from star wars when he was little. I think he likes that name better than his real name.

Cody likes to run like the wind all over the back yard. My husband says he likes to go Weeeeeeeeee!!! That's why we started calling him Weeeeezer. Now they have that darned commercial with the little pig going Weeeee and I just get tickled everytime thinking of Cody running all over the yard. When he is in trouble we call him CodeMan
Luke's nicknames are:
Little Dude
My Puppy

If I'm angry at him:
Little Turd
Little Creep

And that's all I can think of right now.
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Pookie. Pook. Pookiewookie. Stinker, babes, pookadook.

For the record my dog's name is Nia (nye-ah)
Achilles is always just Achilles. But my buddies wife who is from Korea and is still learning english calls him either Killey and believe or not Casey lol.

Brat, hardhead, rockhead, or A-hole are not uncommon when he is in a defiant mood. He talks back quite a bit.
Baby or Little Guy. He also answers to Dog, which he picked up along the way, because I don't call him that. He probably answers to Boy, too, because I tell him he's a good boy all the time.
Saint has a multitude of names but her usual are Insaint, Saintly, Bones, Skeletor and Whore.

Domo actually has a song, "Domo arigato Mr.Retardo." Or Schabado when he's being particularly bad. That was his name at the shelter.

Kaida goes by Terrorist, Fuzzbucket, Cross Eyes and Diva.
Holly only has a couple, i often call her Holly Wolly not sure why though, and Hollz.
Misty - Demon Dog, Hair-Dog, Crazy, Misty-May

Sierra - Princess, Midget Dog
I usually call my dogs by their names but sometimes i call them: babies or baby if only one is around, 4 legged-children or 4-legged child,

when they are being silly i call them goose xD

when they are in trouble- Winter: cranky old lady ( even though she is only 2) poop-butt, and for Snow: Drama Queen(she is one), stinker
Monster and baby, for both of them. Also, Mac's actual name is Mclusky which he is called 90 percent of the time.
My wife likes to call him muffin, for some unfathomable reason. I call him mooch, usually when he's mooching around!
Yansa - Big Dummy
Bohrah - Mama
Merlin - Big Black Dog
Helios - Butthead or Papi Chulo
Gwendolyn - Pretty Little Princess Sunshine
Fantasia - Bad Girl
Guinevere - Big Mama
Uther - Old Guy
Gracie is beh-beh kind of like baby but not really, Gracie Grace, Gracie Mae, Sweetie and sometimes I just call her "G".
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