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Poisoned dog with a neurotoxin

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I have a wire fox terrier and as you know, they are crazy escape artists. My girl managed to get out this morning, and she was out maybe 15 minutes. She started having tremors, and salivated a white foamy liquid. I knew that she was poisoned and immediately went to the vet, but it took maybe 10 minutes to get there (I didn't have my car at the moment, I was running with her in my arms), so all in all, it took about 30 minutes until my vet administered an antidote. She stopped drooling, but she was hypersensitive to everything, she was trying to escape on wobbly legs and wasn't really present with her eyes. She still had violent tremors, but less. She didn't have any seizures, she didn't vomit or have diarrhea. The vet said that there was no point in activated charcoal or induced vomiting when we got there, because after half an hour, that type of neurotoxin had fully entered the blood, and she hadn't eaten anything prior to that. After about 8 hours now, she is much better, no more tremors and head shaking, she regained balance, and wants to eat, but doesn't want water. However, she is really hyperactive, she runs around the house like crazy, not sitting down for a moment. I crated her in a dark isolated room. She loves her crate, it's her safe space. I called my vet, he says I should wait until tomorrow. But the vets in my town are kind of iffy, he could be avoiding going to work at this time. Should I do something, or should I just let the hyperactivity sort itself out??
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And also, it was a very potent poison, it was put there deliberately by my moron neighbor, it's not something like chocolate or other things dog can accidentally find. The guy is lucky to be alive after this.
Agreed with Lillith. Follow your Vet's advice.

If you can PROVE your neighbor did this baiting, then you may have a case of Animal Cruelty to press.

Be careful. YOU MUST HAVE PROOF. Video, text, email....witness (best), history.....access to the toxin....

Don't go in with just a gut feeling to press allegations, the backlash could be very bad.

Neighbors are a bit like family. You choose your house, you get the neighbors. You choose your spouse, you get the family.
I am sure that he wasn't trying to poison my dog, he was trying to poison a feral cat that was eating his pigeons. But still, it's cruel. I would never do that. I told him that I forgive him this time, but I will shove the poison up his ass if he tries to poison an animal again.
I got some great news this morning in a disgusting way, she woke me up by climbing on my bed and licking my face. Crazy terriers, no fence can hold them. I'm lucky she was able to come home once she started feeling bad.
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