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The Two of You
by Michael Albee

The two of you, might never know;
Just how much I love you so.

I'm truly blessed to have you both;
Giving more to me than I’d ever hoped.

The moment we wake, until we sleep;
Your friendship and trust is all I'll need.

To care, to comfort, and love you both;
Is all that means, to me the most.

The two of you, my life, my rock;
You teach me things, but you don’t talk.

The two of you are always there;
With love to give, and love to share.

When life is full of storms and rain;
The two of you, can ease my pain.

We grow together, our bond is strong;
I'll never forget you, even when you're gone.

Your futures are bright, as all can see;
The two of you fill my heart with glee.

I thank the Lord for the role I play;
The two of you are hear to stay.

Copyright 2009 - All Rights Reserved
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