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Please read....I Need Help

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I have a 3 yrs old miniature schnauzer, and I've been feeding her home cooking, and got help from a nutritionist for dogs. I have been doing this for 2 1/2 weeks now, and everything was fine, and she loves her food. The other day, I boiled her some chicken, but was so busy with eveything else at the same time, and it was late, and when I assumed the chicken was boiled enough, I put it in the fridge for the next day. The next day, I gave her some chicken and rice, and she seemed ok. That next morning I woke up and she had diarhea, and had vomitted on my couch, and floors. When I gave her the chicken, I think it could be that it wasn't cooked enough???? I think I did see some pick, but I also could be mistaken, i'm not sure ;( Now today I left her fast so that she can perhaps take a break and let her stomach get better. She vomitted again this afternoon, but all it was is bile. I tried tonight to give her hamburger and rice, and she wouldn't eat it. Her stools are still loose, and I'm worried ;( She is still somewhat spunky, but not eating......any advice?
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You don't really have to worry about it being undercooked considering dogs are technically meant to live on a diet of raw meets.

However, when switching to home cooking or raw it's not uncommon for the dog to have some stomach issues. The new diet is usually richer and takes some time for your dog's system to get used to.

That said, if your pup is showing continuous problems then I would advise at least giving your vet a call to be sure everything is normal. They can better advise on whether or not she needs to be seen.
Well I was eating this evening, and she came to me, and I tried to give her a piece of meat that was for sure cooked, and she was eating it so I made her a plate of the meat with a little bit of rice, and she ate it and hasn't vomitted yet, so I am crossing my fingers.
Dakota is right. Dogs are fine if they are fed on raw meat diets, their stomach acid is very strong, unlike ours, so we can get sick from raw meat easily.

Usually bile means the stomach is empty. Natural/raw digests faster than kibble.
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