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Hi there everyone.
I feel like im going to be turning to all of you quite often for help regarding my little guy. I have a 1.5 year old goldendoodle.
Hes lovely. But we have one MAJOR issue that really takes the crown over all the other problems we have faces.
That would be allergies. He is having the worst allergies you could ever imagine.
He has an infection in all 4 of his paws, Little lesions that look like flaked over pimples.
He is always scratching. We have taken him to the vet and the vet suggested sterioid which we have once tried on him and to be quite honest i want to try a more natural approach and maybe find the root to the cause before putting so much medicine in him again. (He had to take lots of antibiotics as a young pup due to infections and kennel cough). I have thought that it maybe could be food allergies but to be honest his symtoms are not consistent throughtout the year. It seems to come about stronger in the winter. We have had our furnace cleaned, checked for mold spores. EVERYTHING. What do you think it could be? Any suggestions as to how I can help my little guy?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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