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Please Help!

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My puppy got the dewormer on 2/28/12 and 4 other things when we took him to the vet.
Today 3/10/12 he had worms in hes poop. They looked like rice. Is he going to be okay? What should I do for the time being? I don't think the vet is open tomorrow but i'm going to call them to make sure. What type of worms are they? Can my almost 2 year old cat get the worms? I've never had a dog that got worms.
Also how could he get worms after 2 weeks of the shot?
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Tapeworms. The come from flea larvae. The cat can get them if he ingests an infected flea larvae. Most puppy dewormers do not treat tapeworms, what is the dewormer he was treated with?

He will be ok. Nothing to do except deworm with a medication for tapeworms, and be sure to treat for fleas.
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