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Please Help!

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My puppy got the dewormer on 2/28/12 and 4 other things when we took him to the vet.
Today 3/10/12 he had worms in hes poop. They looked like rice. Is he going to be okay? What should I do for the time being? I don't think the vet is open tomorrow but i'm going to call them to make sure. What type of worms are they? Can my almost 2 year old cat get the worms? I've never had a dog that got worms.
Also how could he get worms after 2 weeks of the shot?
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Fleas come inside, too. They're pretty mobile. Sometimes they aren't too noticeable. . .get a cheap flea comb and run it through your pets' fur now and then, and ask the vet for flea meds if you find any (because if you see one, there are a hundred more hiding!). And, yes, it's normal that tapeworms don't always show up in the poop. They're sneaky that way. Just tell your vet that you need some meds for tapeworms.
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