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Hi guys. I adopted a 9 year old black lab mix that I adopted about 4 months ago. I met him a few times before I took him home with me, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary with him. The only thing that the shelter told me was that he was not good with kids (He was surrendered about two weeks earlier because a family adopted him and he "did not do well with the kids"). While driving him home from the shelter he growled at my friend in the backseat, and while I was concerned, I didn't think much of it since it was the first time he showed any kind of sign of aggression. He growled again later that afternoon when I sat by him on the couch. He then got off the couch and sat on the opposite side of the room. I didn't think much of it though since it was a new environment for him, and I assumed that he just needed some time to get used to his new home. However, it hasn't gotten better and he snarls, growls, and even mouths me sometimes. There has been a few incidences where he has bitten me too (no blood though). I have talked to my veterinarian who said it would be really hard to change any behaviors (especially since we don't have a good past history of him), and got with a trainer and behaviorist (who ended up saying similar things), but have not had much of any luck with any of the training.

He especially scares me because it seems to be fairly unpredictable when he can be aggressive. I can pet him sometimes, but other times he will mouth/bite me while petting him for no reason. I sometimes will get growled/snarled at just because I walk too closely to him. I am starting to become nervous/scared around him, and it is just giving me a lot of stress. I don't want to get rid of him and I feel so awful about the whole situation and I feel like the shelter kind of lied to me about his behavior (even though they probably didn't really know much), but I am truly afraid that he will bite someone, especially a kid, when I have him outside of the house.

Does anyone have any advice? I have no idea what to do. At all. Help.
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