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Please help!! New/ 1st time puppy owner and my puppy is acting sick!

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I'm Rhi and new to Dog Forums but came across the site while researching my puppy's symptoms and was hoping I might be able to find some help here as well as found other amazing content to read through.
So my puppy-Roxie- is a loveable, super friendly pit- bull mix and is 4 1/2 - 5 months old. Some of her symptoms for the last couple days I have passed off as her settling in and getting comfortable with me but some others I've noticed are a bit more out of character for her...
First, I should start by saying she is AMAZINGLY well trained already and very smart, she was the runt of the litter and became my sweet little one when someone I knew left her with me to puppy sit about 2 months ago and then never contacted me again... she has started pushing her boundaries but is a real "people pleaser" and for the most part listens (she is still after all a puppy and still learning).
About a week ago, I started to notice her itching more and scratching and so gave her some flea meds and a good bath. But I also noticed her private parts have a couple (as in only 2 noticeable) bumps that she's been licking at but that dont seem to be causing too much pain as she still lays on her belly with her legs out behind her (once she started getting longer legs she started doing that).
Other symptoms I have noticed that are out of character for her are that she seems more lethargic- although she still seems fine to chase bugs and play with her toys, especially her favorite ones. But she doesn't seem too interested in playing or staying outside and wants to be close to me at all times now (which I kind of chalked up to either social anxiety though she loves people, or her getting bonded and attached with me). It's to the point now though where she doesn't even want to stay outside alone long enough to finish going potty all the way and instead of entertaining herself with her toys or bugs or watching people, she will sit and stare at the door and whine and beg to come indoors with me again. But even indoors she usually plays with her toys more and she's really only been interested in staying in bed with me.. or close to me and laying at my feet. She has also been doing a painful shaking of the head/ears more often and this morning I am going to clean her ears really good and do an antiseptic/ antifungal ear rinse with her. Though it might be her teeth... crunching on her food or treats lately has seemed to be more difficult for her (maybe it's just her loss of some puppy teeth or soon to lose some puppy teeth?) But I let her food soak in a little water first to make it softer for her to eat and also purchased some doggy dental care items to try.
My biggest concern though right now is her wheezing and coughing and what they call "honking" (I think its called?). She especially seems to wheeze more whenever she is sleeping. Not just that but she has been potty trained completely and we've been going on 3ish weeks straight now without a single accident in the house- even when she does have an "accident" she'll make sure that she goes potty on a towel, the dirty laundry, or a puppy training pad. The pads and/or a towel are ALWAYS laid out for her in an easily accessible area....but just last night not once. But twice... she went pee right on the bed in front of me. The second time she did, she waited for me to finish making it and then went about 10 minutes right after we came indoors after spending a decent amount of time outside for her to potty and she didn't want to go... and this is very out of character for her. She's also not huge on cuddling or when she is, prefers to be behind my knees and last night she just wanted to cuddle up in my arms and snuggle up close to my face... poor baby.
She is grunting more and swallowing a lot more, not listening as well, noticeably more lethargic, but her appetite hasn't much changed and she is drinking the same amounts of water as she usually does. She doesn't get huge amounts of interaction with other dogs (though still does and of course wants to run round and play), but this last week did take her to visit a couple friends. 1 of which lives on a more ranch type property with more grass, and 1 who lives around a more dusty environment as they don't have a whole lot of grass...could that be part of the problems she's having?? I am getting her into the vet as soon as I have the funds (Wednesday) but in the meantime... I've been in a panic what to do! I'm adding my humidifier to help with any respiratory problems she might be having due to allergies today. Have been keeping her comfy in bed with soft blankets and keeping fresh water and her favorite toys readily available for her. Another important fact I should also share to minimize any other confusion- Roxie goes with me EVERYWHERE and only gets left alone when I have to use the restroom or shower but she stays at the door the entire time laying to wait for me to come back... If this dog isn't allowed somewhere then that means I also am not (I do plan on registering her as a support animal to help us both).
Thank you from both Roxie and I for reading our post and in advance for any helpful suggestions!!
☆Roxie & Rhi
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Please, PLEASE, take her to the vet as soon as possible. There are just so many things that puppies can come down with... If funds are an issue (been there, done that), look into Care Credit.
You need to see a vet. The sooner the better. As LeoRose said, look into Care Credit. It is against forum rules to give out medical advice, as someone could so very easily give you the wrong advice which could result in the dog's deterioration or even death.

Once you have a diagnosis, you may start a new thread and discuss the diagnosis.
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