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please help me some one!!

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I started my four month old puppy's shots including the parvo shots. she has had two. when i took her for her last vet visit the doc told me that a puppy was just in the office with parvo and not to put my dog on the floor. I didn't but yesterday she started vomiting a lot and dramatically lost weight. I took her to the vet and she said she had the parvo virus. She said i could take her home or pay a large amount of money (which is not available to me) and she still might not make it. So i took her home. she is very tired, but is still walking around and is drinking water on her own, but she is not eating. My mom has saved a few pups from parvo by forcing electrolytes and cream of wheat with milk through a surenge. i have cleaned every thing with bleach. I have not seen any diarrhea yet but the vet said the symptoms will come eventually. can any one give any suggestions as to what i may do. please help I am desperate and i don't won't to loose her. :(
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Did they send you home with antibiotics? If you can afford that I would definitely see if they can get you some. We have clients at work who treat parvo at home when they can't afford hospitalization. We send antibiotics and usually fluids as well (depending on what people can afford).

Otherwise keep her hydrated. You could also search for low cost vets or see if your local shelter has any program that can help you pay for care. It's on of the worst things to go through, I'm sorry!!

Good luck!
yes they did send me home with antibiotics i think i just feel helpless. my poor baby is usually so hyper and fun. now she seems so depressed. thank you for your advice i'm getting on the phone right now
Talk to them about using Tamaflu there have been many success stories with the use of Tamaflu. Here are a link about the success of use of this medicine. Good Luck.

Tamiflu WORKS to treat Parvo. It does NOT cure it. But it is effective none-the-less. It will cost you $50 to treat your pup and save it's life.
Luna has beaten parvo!!

my little puppy Luna May got very sick with parvo. How ever this morning she is bouncing off the walls chasing birds, she drank so much water, and she ate a regular portion of dog food. It is like she has made a complete turn around. I look at her and it seems as though she was never sick. I am so happy but a little sad because my little brothers puppy (boxer named harley) didn't make it. he died in his arms and my brother is happy for me but i think he is wishing his dog had made it.
we did all the same things i did with luna, but harley just wouldn't pull through. Proof that this sickness is very unpredictable. I am sure that my little brother will smile again, but he misses his boy terrible.
thanks every one for your help. And i send a little prayer out for the dogs with parvo, they need it.:D
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I'm glad to hear she is doing so well!! Sorry about your brothers pup though.
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