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**PLEASE HELP: Dachshund is too posessive/territorial

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So my dachshund otto is 10 months now, and he's incredibly loyal and obedient. He NEVER barks....

The problem is ANYTIME a stranger comes into our house, he barks and lunges to the point where I have to put him in his room because he can't be contained!

He doesn't mind strangers at the dog parks, or other dogs for that matter.

I don't know what to do! Please someone give me some training tips.

It's becoming tough having to manually hold him and constrain him everytime a visitor comes over!
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If you do not have a crate, get one. Train him to the crate. When someone comes, crate the dog. This will insure the dog does not bite so this will keep the dog safe and the guest safe.

Next, decide what you want your dog to do INSTEAD of lunging. Maybe you want him to sit quietly. Teach this behavior over and over until it is over trained.

Next, get a helper. Have them come to the door and knock or ring the bell. Since you know this is going to happen (talk to each other on a cell phone when the guest is still in the car) you will have your dog in a sit. If the dog gets up when the door bell rings, put him back in a sit. Repeat until he will sit with the door bell ringing. Remove him to another room and let the guest in and visit.

On another day, repeat all the above. Hopefully the dog will need no correction and will remain sitting. Have a leash on the dog. Have the "guest" open the door (or you go to the door and start to open it. If the dog breaks the sit, close the door and go back and have him sit. Repeat until he will sit when you open the door.

If he remains sitting when you open the door and the "guest" is standing there, reward him with food and tell him what a good dog he is and then clowe the door. Do not let the guest in. Repeat. If you want the guest to actually visit, remove the dog to another room and visit. Do not let the dog out until guest leaves.

Another day, do all the above, but this time have the guest throw the dog a bit of food. Do not have the guest come in.

When the dog will remain in a sit for ALL of this every time, have the guest come in. If the dog gets up, guest leaves and closes the door. Repeat until the dog will remain sitting when the guest comes in.

What you are doing here is desensitizing the dog to a guest coming in the house. You may have to repeat this many times to get it down so the dog will do your cue instead of lunging at a guest. Use food and lots of praise for the right thing. Keep it positive so the dog will associate the guest with good things.

It is a process and that is what I would try. It may work. You will know pretty quickly if it will.

BTW because this is a Dachshund, sitting may not be comfortable for him.. you may prefer to have him lie down.
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Have you considered enlisting the help of a professional behaviorist?
Greeting Politely at the door

Train him to go to a designated spot, he's no longer allowed to go to the door to greet guests.
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