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I'm sorry your family is going through this, it is hard.

Try feeding her less food more often. Old guts sometimes cannot handle as much food per meal. Ask the vet about Pepcid, Sassy had an acid stomach and stopped eating. One dose of Pepcid and she was happily eating again. Worth a try anyway.

Ask the vet about dehydration. She's drinking but is it enough? Sassy got a liter of subcutaneous fluids and perked right up. Vets don't usually do subQs on large dogs and may not think of it. Maybe look up the various methods of testing for dehydration to see if you think this is contributing to her lack of interest in life. From then on she got 1/2 to 1 liter of subQs daily as well as as much water in her many meals a day as I could get down her. No she didn't like them but she sure felt better. Sassy had kidney disease which is treated symptom by symptom.

Sassy dragged her toes. Once they were getting scratched up I put booties on. She actually liked that. I didn't think she could feel pain, apparently she was - made me sad.

I'm sure you have acquired lots of waterproof pads to go under blankies for her.
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