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Please help. Advice needed for old dog euthanasia

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Hi all,
I'm in a terrible quandary Our old GSD Hanna will be 13 in June. She has been, in recent weeks, showing all the symptoms of end of life. However she occasionally seems lucid. We've known since she was young that she has Hip dysplasia, but she now falls and drags her back legs. It is very difficult getting her outside to do her business. Her bladder nuscles are week and she leaks onto the carpet. She often has no interest in food and is losing weight. Getting medication into her is difficult and she often vomits it up after a while. When she drinks she also often vomits.

We are in such a quandry. We love her to death but realize she is in pain often especially when she cant keep down her meds. She is on Proin for her bladder control and Rimidyl for pain. I sometimes give her Tramadol. We don't want her to suffer and she always is just laying around. I don't want to prematurely euthanize her but she seems to have no life at this point. We wonder, though, if our consideration for euthanasia is tainted by the difficulty in caring for her. The vet says her heart is still strong but has said we should be prepared for the end at this point.

We cant afford to get Cat scans and such to determine any cause for her appetite and vomiting issues, and it seems to be financially wasteful at this point because she is so old.

We are so upset about trying to do the right thing for Hannah at this point. Any advice would be appreciated. We don't mind spending the money if there is value in it. I sometimes feel that our vet acts as if there is unlimited funds for pet care.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Hi, it is so sad to know about this case :( Did you know a Homeopathic Solution called Chondropaw ?. Find on google, this supplement is specialized on the Immune system and Inflammation. Is oral and ease to use (liquid 1 or 2 doses per week). I'm sure Chondropaw is going to help your puppy from Hip Dysplasia condition because there are many others dog owners that use and show their testimony's on videos (there is many on youtube) if you type chondropaw. Bests
I'm sorry you're going through this difficult time. It's hard when they get old.

Most people will say "Better a day too early than a day too late." If you feel your old girl is spending more time in pain and suffering than happy and pain free, it may be time to let go. At this point, I think your feelings are valid that spending more time and money diagnosing this issue is waste, as it likely won't change the prognosis.
I'm sorry your family is going through this, it is hard.

Try feeding her less food more often. Old guts sometimes cannot handle as much food per meal. Ask the vet about Pepcid, Sassy had an acid stomach and stopped eating. One dose of Pepcid and she was happily eating again. Worth a try anyway.

Ask the vet about dehydration. She's drinking but is it enough? Sassy got a liter of subcutaneous fluids and perked right up. Vets don't usually do subQs on large dogs and may not think of it. Maybe look up the various methods of testing for dehydration to see if you think this is contributing to her lack of interest in life. From then on she got 1/2 to 1 liter of subQs daily as well as as much water in her many meals a day as I could get down her. No she didn't like them but she sure felt better. Sassy had kidney disease which is treated symptom by symptom.

Sassy dragged her toes. Once they were getting scratched up I put booties on. She actually liked that. I didn't think she could feel pain, apparently she was - made me sad.

I'm sure you have acquired lots of waterproof pads to go under blankies for her.
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I may be too late, but I have a blunt suggestion. Now.

My previous dog was a 16yo Lab/ GSD mix. He had a little arthritis, but we also think he had nerve degeneration and cancer. I took him for a walk every day, letting him hobble off leash. I picked him up when he fell, and carried up and down stairs, and into the car. And, I cleaned up his incontinence. He slept 22 hours per day. I probably could have easily prolonged his life another 6 mos, b/c he didn't seem to be suffering in pain. Then, I finally came to the realization that he was deteriorating every week, and I was keeping him alive for me.

Even in his last Vet appointment, he enjoyed treats, people, and performing a few tricks. His mind was sharp, but his body was worn out.
And, it hurt me, but I let him go.

The "up" side of the story is that I knew that my dog was going downhill, and I had been watching a rescue puppy online. I adopted him 2 weeks later, and he helped us move through the grief.

Hanna seems to be at the same stage - she's incontinent, she has trouble eating/drinking, and she can't walk. She may not be suffering, but she is in pain and her body is worn out. I suggest that it's time to let her go.
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