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Please help! 5 month yellow lab with fleas/tapeworm. Something else in stool don’t know what it is!!

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We got our yellow lab at 8 weeks old from a lab breeder. He came homestead 8 weeks itching immediately. I looked for fleas and saw none. Two and a half weeks later we took him to vet, vet said no fleas or flea dirt. The next month comes. Itching is horrible and has hot spot. I went through him and found ONE flea on tail. Went to vet next day, showed them the flea. Vet checked our dog over and said no fleas no flea dirt. I said it seems like he’s itching in the flea triangle. Vet said could be allergies try Benadryl. Another month we bring him back to vet for third time. I said the dog has pink pimple pustules all over, are you sure this isn’t a flea allergy dermatitis? Vet said no fleas and maybe think of doing cytopoint shots. After two more weeks, I researched a really good shampoo and bathed the dog in Adams Plus. I saw things coming out of his fur and I said this is fleas! Of course i always brushed him and went through his fur and never caught another live flea on him since the one i showed the vet. I knew at this point it’s an infestation because the vet denied and we needed to bomb the house and get sprays for the house, furniture, yard and area rugs. And vacuum everywhere and all over. Through all this he was randomly throwing up and I had thought because he was eating things outside that we were trying to get him to stop. With my research I had read about the yellow colored egg things were tapeworm that come along with fleas. Then saw mucous in the poop and some small white things which i know to be tapeworm. I read i could do Apple cider vinegar until I could get him medication. He pooped a lot today, but in his poop are these big tan and red balls and they are quite large. I have looked on the internet and can’t find anything similar to them. Can someone please help me with what they could be?? I have attached a picture.

Also, I did everything in the 3 months that we’ve had him to try and help him. I changed his food to allergy based in case it was food allergy. I added colostrum to his food to boost immune system to fight allergies. I bathed him in oatmeal and aloe to try and help soothe the irritation and rawness. I got rid of all treats too and went to allergy based snacks. I got coconut oil and lathered his whole body. I brushed him frequently. He was on NuVet vitamins (which breeder wanted) but Vet switched him to Wellectin in case there was an allergy to something in NuVet. Also has been having his heart worm and flea/tick treatments every month.
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Well, after doing the Adams plus shampoo I saw the flea larva and pupae coming out of him. Then bombing the house, we saw all the fleas that we never even noticed, so I can’t believe it was missed by 3 different vets at 3 different times.
I do see the tapeworm in the stool as well.

the thing is he hasn’t eaten anything, but his dog food (Canidae Pure), his greenies and he has biscuits that are venison and sweet potato. So I have no idea what this could be!
The flea thing has been very concerning for me. And to explain more clearly. It was 3 different vets in the same practice. It has been harder since we cannot go inside with him and have to talk over the phone, but like I said I showed them the flea I found. I was told, after they said no fleas or dirt that a flea could have jumped on him coincidentally when I found him. I am extremely frustrated by this whole situation, because we have had another lab prior to this one and NEVER had a flea problem. I have a feeling that the poor dog had fleas when we got him and when inquiring of the itching, I was getting gthe run around of other things that it could be. And mind you how expensive it has been for me to try and give him anything he needs to make him feel better. Thanks for the info. I did read that tapeworm doesn’t always come with fleas. He has had intermittent vomiting. Today was the first one that actually had his food in it, before that it was just liquid. But, as you said above labs to do get into things and we originally had thought he ate something he shouldn’t have that made him throw up. We actually walk him on a leash in the backyard so he can’t eat anything until he learns to stop doing it. A 5 month old lab has a long way to go lol.
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I can't offer any advice, but I'm so sorry you and your dog are going through this. It must be very frustrating, but you are doing everything you can to help him.
We recently took our dog to the vet and it's definitely different (in a bad way) when you have to hand them the leash in the parking lot and you can't talk face to face to the vet.
thank you for the support. My family loves Bowie very much and we feel terrible that he’s been suffering. I am getting to the bottom of it though and will make him better, somehow! 💚
I actually was up until 4am trying to figure it out! I finally figured out that my husband had put a treatment in the yard (for flea treatment) and he must have eaten some that didn’t dissolve. I went through the stool and there were 15 granules. So his throwing up the day before and then he released them when he went to the bathroom yesterday . I did some research and I gave him some activated charcoal to make sure it helps rid all toxicity.
I also did find a couple tape worms in the poop, as well. They looked like pieces of white rice.
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