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Please help! 5 month yellow lab with fleas/tapeworm. Something else in stool don’t know what it is!!

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We got our yellow lab at 8 weeks old from a lab breeder. He came homestead 8 weeks itching immediately. I looked for fleas and saw none. Two and a half weeks later we took him to vet, vet said no fleas or flea dirt. The next month comes. Itching is horrible and has hot spot. I went through him and found ONE flea on tail. Went to vet next day, showed them the flea. Vet checked our dog over and said no fleas no flea dirt. I said it seems like he’s itching in the flea triangle. Vet said could be allergies try Benadryl. Another month we bring him back to vet for third time. I said the dog has pink pimple pustules all over, are you sure this isn’t a flea allergy dermatitis? Vet said no fleas and maybe think of doing cytopoint shots. After two more weeks, I researched a really good shampoo and bathed the dog in Adams Plus. I saw things coming out of his fur and I said this is fleas! Of course i always brushed him and went through his fur and never caught another live flea on him since the one i showed the vet. I knew at this point it’s an infestation because the vet denied and we needed to bomb the house and get sprays for the house, furniture, yard and area rugs. And vacuum everywhere and all over. Through all this he was randomly throwing up and I had thought because he was eating things outside that we were trying to get him to stop. With my research I had read about the yellow colored egg things were tapeworm that come along with fleas. Then saw mucous in the poop and some small white things which i know to be tapeworm. I read i could do Apple cider vinegar until I could get him medication. He pooped a lot today, but in his poop are these big tan and red balls and they are quite large. I have looked on the internet and can’t find anything similar to them. Can someone please help me with what they could be?? I have attached a picture.

Also, I did everything in the 3 months that we’ve had him to try and help him. I changed his food to allergy based in case it was food allergy. I added colostrum to his food to boost immune system to fight allergies. I bathed him in oatmeal and aloe to try and help soothe the irritation and rawness. I got rid of all treats too and went to allergy based snacks. I got coconut oil and lathered his whole body. I brushed him frequently. He was on NuVet vitamins (which breeder wanted) but Vet switched him to Wellectin in case there was an allergy to something in NuVet. Also has been having his heart worm and flea/tick treatments every month.
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The flea thing is concerning, but you mention three vets. Have you actually seen three different vets, or just three in the same practice? I'd be looking for a new vet if I showed one an actual flea and he refused to believe me, show concern, and offer treatment or advice. You are right that you need to treat your home in addition to the puppy to clean up a flea infestation. Sounds like you're working on it.

I can't identify the things in his stool either, but I'd also tend to think it was something he got into and swallowed.

A tapeworm infestation is pretty obvious. One of my dogs had that. You you not only see the rice-grain-like dried up segments around the dog's bottom, if you're looking often, you sometimes see the segments before they dry up when they're still moving. A dog that has had fleas isn't guaranteed to get tapeworm, you know. The flea has to be carrying the tapeworm, and the dog has to swallow the flea.

Take care of the fleas, keep him clean, good nutrition, and you should be able to get him fixed up. Good luck.
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