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Please Help, 2 year old dod

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Please help, this dog is our child

Kona, 23 month old female American Bulldog in perfect health, 78 pounds

 Thursday April 2, she gets a hold of a prescription bottle belonging to a house guest
 House guest says there was only about 10 ibuprofen pills
 Vet and Animal poison control said it shouldn’t be a problem; to just observe her
 1 to 2 hours later she looks really, really lethargic
 Wife takes her to the vet
 Vet believes something else might have been in the bottle
 Wife questions the house guest in anger and admits there might have been a sliver or half a Xanax along with the ibuprofen
 Vet induces vomiting, gives her activated charcoal, and IV fluids
 Vet tells us that they collected a urine sample that had some blood in it, it could be they hit a blood vessel while extracting the urine or it could be something else
 Vet says to monitor and collect urine samples. Blood in urine should be gone by morning
 Vet places fluids in under her outer skin and we take her home that evening
 Vet gives her two prescriptions:
 Urine samples are collected that same evening and night by us, urine is now clear, no blood
 The next day (Friday) she begins drinking large amounts of water and asks us to let her out frequently to urinate throughout the day. (about every 30-45 minutes)
 Little drops of urine are noticed wherever she lays
 That night (Friday) while sleeping she cannot control urine output and wets the bed (she has not peed in the house since she was 9 weeks old)
 Saturday and Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights same thing, wets the location she is sleeping in and continues to urinate frequently throughout the day and drinking a lot of water
 On Wednesday we go back to the vet.
 Vet takes urine and blood samples and send them out to a lab
 Thursday (4/9) afternoon vet gets the results and says she might have some kidney damage or even kidney failure.
 Vet says 2 days of kidney flush might help

We do not think this specific vet is very knowledgeable, any ideas?
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Thanks to all, tomorrow she is seeing a vet that specializes in renal issues, hope the best and thanks
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