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Please explain this to me ........

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........Why are some breeds sold as speciality dogs,whils others are just mixed breeds? Dogs such as Labordoodles are being sold as much as $500,Cockapoos and other dogs being sold as purebreds. My sister tried to explain this ,but it still makes no sense to me.I understand that some were bred down the generations,like a Bullmatiffs,which is 60 % bulldog and 40% mastiff. To me,a Labordoddle is a mixed breed,yet I have seen one in the paper for $500.Are they a accepable purebred? Just wondering and still confused.:confused:
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No, they are not a new breed. They are mixed breeds... lousy breeders just create mixes and advertise them as "fancy non-shedding, hypoallergenic" dogs. Some people know they're just mutts that you could also find in a shelter, but others actually get fooled and pay good money for those dogs.
people can charge thoughs ridiculous amounts of money for a pet quality dog because their main market is to people who want the next big fad or just want something thats cute.
Oh puh leeze. One thread on this subject was just closed, and you were a poster in it. Enough already.
We need to sticky that last huge 'designer dog' thread that we had here so people just go there instead of bringing the same questions up over and over...
I think that it's fine to have a post like this as long as people simply stick to the original question and don't go off in a different direction.

That is all from me.
All dogs are designer really when you think about it. Puppy peddlers have always existed whenever a breed gets popular and one can make a profit.

Neither Lab-or-doodles or Cock-a-poos are purebreds. They are mutts, mixed breeds, mongrels, etc. Maybe someday they'll become a purebred, but it's not going to happen anytime soon if people just breed poodles to another breed and call it a doodle. To be a purbred you have to be able to breed individuals of the same breed and get consistent predictable results. Just because some greedy scam breeder says it's a purbred that does not make it so.

By the way the Bullmastif is a purebred. You can breed a pair of Bullmastifs together and consitently get pups that have the same qualities of their parents.
Once two o's are used to designate a dog, that dog attains purebreed status and thus can be sold for astronomical prices. So oodles and poos should cost the most. There was a study done recently that these dogs were among the smartest and easiest to train.
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