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Playing in the sand

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My dad and uncle bought two tons of sand and as they were getting it all out me and my sister made tunnels for Koda. he enjoyed it but didnt think it was good enough and kept digging in it,lol. I dont know how to post the actual pic through flickr


the cave





If anyone can explain how to use flickr I will appreciate it. PB isnt working for me. I cant find were the IMG code is on the picture to copy it. So i had to use the direct link.
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Oh man, this is too adorable! I wish I had a ferret... One day I will!
Awwww!! I love ferrets!

Here's how I get the img for flickr. Click the photo to zoom in. Then right click it. Click what size you want (Medium 800 is good). Then right click that image and click "Copy Image Location" (this is in Firefox, I'm not sure about other browsers)

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