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I feel like I am doing something wrong.
My puppy is 11 weeks old.

I have a puppy pen that has a bed and some toys. I use that if I need too (if he needs a nap or if I need to get some work done, etc.).
I have also created a larger space that effectively keeps him from being able to move freely all over my 1st floor. I have an open floor plan, so I bought some extra fencing that blocks him from moving too freely.

So, when he is in this larger area, he has plenty of room and plenty of toys to play with, but instead he just will ignore those toys really quickly and whine to come sit in the chair with me. But he doesn't sit with me. He just wants to chew on me or my shirt or whatever toy I might grab so that he won't chew on me. I don't mind him being with me, but I'd really like to see him have some independence and play with the toys he has down on the floor.

I finally get tired of the constant battle (redirecting the chewing/puppy biting from me to toys) while on my lap in the chair and I will put him in the smaller play area. He doesn't play in there, he'll just go to sleep.
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