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Play bowing for pizza

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Just a short WTH...We had pizza for dinner tonight. As I was carrying my plate to sit down and eat, my dog play bowed for my pizza! It was the funniest thing.

Mind you she's only had pizza once. My DH had her in the car with him on a few errands and made the mistake of making one more stop after he got the pizza. Not sure what he was thinking but he...wait for it....put the pizza box in the back of the Jimmy WITH THE DOG. I wish I had had a video camera on Poca's face when she realized she was being left alone in the car...with a PIZZA!!! Luckily, he got back to the car before she had much more than a 1/3 of a slice or we would have been scraping something smelly off the carpet that night for sure.

The incident must have made a big impression on her because she was really working it to get some more pizza tonight. Poor thing. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree....
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For us that's popcorn. Kit only gets some if I'm making the stovetop kind, and she only gets it before its seasoned. I season with cayenne pepper (aka canine pepper - hehe), so she wouldn't like it anyway! We play catch and she goes wild, jumping up in the air for each piece. She's learned what it is, though, so she tries to get some, even if it's the microwave kind.

Yes, they still make stovetop popcorn (and sell it in the same isle with the regular stuff)! In my opinion it tastes much better, and depending on what you drown it in, can be healthier, especially for a dog. You can also get way more creative with it - soy sauce, tabasco, italian seasoning, lemon pepper - the possibilities are endless! I make it in a large sauce pot with some veggie oil. Just be sure to shake it frequently or you end up with burned popcorn, a smelly house, and a dog running away from the smoke detector! And let it cool a bit before the dog gets any (this is the hardest part!)

Actually, popcorn was recommended by our obedience trainer as a way to help a dog learn to catch things. It really works! I know my mom snapped a pic of Kit jumping for popcorn last time she was in town, but I can't find it right now :-(

Sorry for hijacking!
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