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Place mat command

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I was wondering if you guys have taught your dos the Place Mat command? if so, how to you get your dog to stay on the mat? I've got Sobaka so that I say place, and she will go to the mat, and she gets a treat. Then what I did was made her wait longer for the treat. This did not work, she keeps getting off. Any ideas? We've been working on this for about 2-3 months...

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I put the mat down and waited for her to get in it. Then I c&t, then wait, then release. I slowly increase the amount of time she stays in before I release. To get her up on the release cue I had to act very excited at first. Once she was going there often, I would say "park it" as she got close, c&t, release. When we got to longer lengths I replaced C&t with several treats over the time span. Practice LOTS with short reps before making it long.
If she gets off before the release word, have her go back, wait, release with no treat.
Just wanted to give an update. Sobaka is much better. She will stay on the mat for how ever long she is asked. Thanks for all the help!
Congratulations! Now work on sending her there from other rooms! ;)
I have, and she will do it from anywhere in the house!
Yayy! Good job.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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