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I'm sure they're awesome videos....they were being VERY slow (maybe too much bandwidth being embedded on the forum?) and kept pausing.

I have a pit mix and she is one of the most wonderful dogs ever. I understand that pits have a bad rep because while they're loyal to owners, sometimes they can go bizirk (Sp) on strangers and attack them. However, some is due to raising the pet-people assume pits are attack dogs and raise them as such. People with dogs like pitbulls should just be extra vigilant about not letting their dogs offleash, really being sure they can't escape from the yard, etc. But that goes for other dogs, too.
I heard a story of one girl petting one just fine and later because she figured he knew her, reached down to pet and she was attacked. Well. She just went for the dog. Didnt put her hand out properly or anything. Bent down to face level, probably making the dog fearful. Shouldn't go up to strange dogs. That said, dog should have been leashed. Maybe he was, I dont know. So many people just go up to dogs-remember the reporter who was bit by Bush's dog? He just went out to pet. Didnt ask permission, I dont think. Didnt hold his hand correctly and didnt allow the dog to sniff it. OF course, bias media sensationalized it and made it sound like it was the dog's fault.

My dog trainer said the number one biting dog in Washington State (Where I live) is the retriever...not the pit. Maybe because there are more of them, so stats are higher.
I personally think it's wrong to ban certain breeds from certain areas-which they do.

My two cents. I'm sure people will disagree and share tons of stories where the pits escaped and chewed someone's face off.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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