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Pit bulls

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Are great dogs. :) I propose a thread here to enlighten and educate the masses about this wonderful breed. I suggest posting pictures of what awesome dogs pits can be--with children, cats, other dogs, the elderly, etc--articles about how awesome they are, research into the breed, videos, any positive information you have.

This way we can have a good collection somewhere to turn to when the subject is breached. :):clap2:
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For the most part, you're preaching to the choir here, and there have been countless threads extolling the virtues of Pitties.

The "masses" are over on that other forum.
Marvelous! I'll search for these threads once I am no longer on my mobile phone. ;0
Most people come here with general questions or they are neutral so it is largely preaching to the choir as stated.

I'm also wondering how you keep such a thread organized. I made a thread on another forum with history, temperament, exercise, bloodline and other relevant info and it was a huge 2 page overload.

With pics, video, articles, ect it could turn out to be a really big thread.

Some Pits are great dogs.

There is also a lot of variance and tons of bybs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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