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I posted a while back about my dog having issues with itchiness. It got so bad that we took him to the vet. He had itched a spot near his tail and was waking up in the middle of the night itching. The vet gave us a round of steroids and anitbiotics for the raw spot. She said that she thought the raw spot was caused b/c of his anal glands- though I question this b/c he was itching everywhere, not just the one spot. We also suspected a food allergy, so we switched foods from blue buffalo chicken formula to natural balance duck and potato formula to see if chicken was the culprit. Since we were worried about the allergies, we haven't fed him anything but his food and treats that have nothing but sweet potato and duck.

With the medications, the itching stopped... until now. It has been a couple months since he had the steroids and now the itching is back full force. The only times he has eaten anything but his food is when he has snuck bites of the cat food. We try to make sure he doesn't do this (door closed when cats are eating) but you know how sneaky dogs can be!

Pippin is about 3-4, we think he is a cocker/poodle/wheaten mix (we like to call him a cockawhoodapoo).

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go next to figure out what he is allergic to?
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