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Yup, finally decided to get Piggy into a class. She's always been a very well behaved girl overall, but has a few areas that could still use a little tweaking. I didn't want to put her in before though because of the problems with her hip (severe hip dysplasia), I didn't want the added physical stress of repeated sitting, getting up, laying down, getting up, etc as that kinda stuff was very painful for her, and sometimes she couldn't sit down even when she tried... she'd get about half way down, wiggle around a little bit them come back up. But she's now had her surgery and her hip is doing absolutely fantastic, and she's showing no signs of pain whatsoever, so I think it's time she has a go around with it too (Piper has already finished beginner, intermediate, and advanced..... Riley has finished beginner and intermediate, and is currently in advanced). Still gonna try and keep it tame though with the up's and downs.

So anyways, she had her first class last night, right before Rileys class (works out good I can take them both in one trip, lol.... it's 100 miles each trip there and back). The trainer knows Piggy cuz I've had her in there many times, and she said she didn't think Piggy needed the beginner class since she already knows most of the basic stuff, so we're starting her out in intermediate. Piggy is very very smart but also has the attention span of a turnip and is very excitable (she loves -EVERYBODY- and is extremely social), lol... so trying to get her to focus around the new people and dogs was quite the chore. But she still did real well, and I think with a little more work she'll get focused no prob. I'm kinda curious to see how she does with it.... if we can get her settled down around people and dogs, I may look into trying to get her CGC and then try getting certified as a therapy dog as well, which is my plan for Riley & Piper too

Kinda funny.... the black Lab in the background, that looks just like my Piper..... his name was Pepper, lol. The trainer kept accidentally calling him Piper all night. Very happy playful young pup, him and Piggy got along great (Piggy is still a puppy at heart, even though she's almost 5).... they kept trying to play with each other all night

So we'll see how she does..... should be interesting, and most definitely entertaining :whistle::suspicious::pound:
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