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Piddle Place, The Ultimate Indoor Pet Potty Turf Patch, Debuts Its First TV Commercial
Voted #1 Editor’s Choice by Pet Product News, Piddle Place is a favorite with pet lovers, animal shelters and veterinarians. No mess. No smell. Non-stick. Sanitary. Easy clean. Easy train. Easy drain. Portable. Affordable.
Pets love Piddle Place!
(Jupiter, FL) June 9, 2015. Allow your pet the comfort and dignity of a sanitary, indoor pet potty. People all over the world have recognized pets as part of the family to be loved as faithful, loyal companions. And what better gift could any pet lover give their four-legged furry friend but the freedom to enjoy their surroundings with an indoor pet relief system, when walking your pet outdoors may be difficult. Perfect for travel, inclement weather, the 9-5 working pet owner and more!
Piddle Place™ was developed by a former registered nurse where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount. What makes Piddle Place™ unique is it’s ‘no touch, so spill’ system as well as the non-stick turf and special, organic Bio-Enzyme Treatment. The Bio-Enzyme Treatment eliminates odors by eliminating the source. It breaks down and degrades organics found in urine and feces which cause malodors.
Winner of several awards including: Dr. Marty Becker (from Good Morning America), also known as “America’s Veterinarian,” named Piddle Place to his ‘Becker’s Best’ 2014 list. Piddle Place™ was also the winner of Editor’s Choice 2013 by industry publication, Pet Product News.
Production just finished on Piddle Place’s first TV commercial to air soon nationwide, and worldwide, on the Internet.
According to Kathleen Hillman, Founder and CEO of Piddle Place, “We’re so excited to get this commercial out so pet lovers across the country will know there can remove housebreaking issues as a reason not to adopt a furry friend. We hope people around the world can see this truly innovative pet relief system that will help so many pets stay comfortable.”
Hillman adds, “Piddle Place™ is the perfect solution for people that work all day and perhaps can’t make it home to walk their dog. It’s also wonderful if you love to travel. Piddle Place is perfect when staying in a pet friendly hotel, at a beach house or vacation rental. You don’t have to worry about carpet accidents. It’s even great for long day trips out on your boat.”
Hillman continues, “Piddle Place™ has become quite popular with cat and mini-pig owners, too. It’s so much more sanitary and cost efficient than those stinky, unattractive pee pads, and it’s environmentally friendly.” She adds, “Domestic pigs are quite clean. They are very particular where they relieve themselves. Piddle Place’s non-stick turf and easy drain keeps their hooves clean and dry with no odor.”
Hillman concludes, “Getting national and international exposure with our TV commercial is the next logical step to creating more awareness to a great pet product that really should be a staple to any pet lover’s home. We’re looking forward to helping pets and their owners all over the world.”
Piddle Place™ is attractive, portable, affordable, compact, sanitary, and eco-friendly. It also comes with a 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. Piddle Place™ is also socially conscious and supports various community services, charities and animal shelters. It truly is the ultimate indoor pet toilet.
Fore more information about Piddle Place visit http://www.piddleplace.com/.
To view the new TV commercial, visit http://www.piddleplace.com/piddleplace/piddle-place-press-in-the-news/piddle-place-indoor-dog-potty-turf-tv-commercial/.
About Piddle Place
Piddle Place is a sanitary, portable, no mess, no smell, easy clean and easy drain pet relief system that has helped thousands of pets (dogs and cats!) and pet owners live better lives. What makes Piddle Place unique is its Bio-Enzyme treatment that safely helps breakdown all pet waste and control odor. Developed by former nurse, Piddle Place has won several distinct honors and awards for its innovation including Good Morning America’s Dr. Marty Becker’s Best Product 2014 and Editor’s Choice by Pet Product News. Piddle Place also supports several charities and animal shelters. Piddle Place’s headquarters are based in Jupiter, Florida. You can follow Piddle Place on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PiddlePlaceLLC .

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