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This is Maple Bacon, she is 8 months and DEFINITELY doing some boundary testing right now...luckily she is the sweetest dog ive ever met. loves everyone & everything.... to a fault these days haha.


we got trapped in Oklahoma for 3 days when I went to pick her up bc of a snowstorm back east. took 3 plane rides home... only pee'd on one fancy hotel bed. it was a success lol.

8 week old nugget at 23lbs


slightly bigger nugget @ 6 months...


one of my fav puppy pictures....



her solution to no longer fitting in the front seat.... not safe I know but I only let her sit up front on special quick trip occasions


her bff the akita puppy who is a slightly younger man.

her actual personality though


if you get any giant breed TAKE SO MANY PICTURES when they are small and then take more.... she's not my first dane but the last time I had a dane puppy was about 12 years ago and I forgot just how insanely quick they grow. she had a spurt of about 1lb a day for over 30 days...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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