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picky potty

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My Chihuahua mix has suddenly become very picky where she will potty. She'll #1 pretty much as soon as we get outside, but when it comes to #2 she has to have just the right spot. My other dog goes when she feels she needs to. I can tell that Cookie needs to go, she will sniff around and squat like she going to go, then at the last minute she'll change her mind. She's not constipated, cause when she goes, it comes out fine and a normal consistency.

I don't know if it's because she thinks we will go home if she goes and she doesn't want to, or she just doesn't like the smell of the spot. I try to keep their walks to about 15 minutes until after sunset, then we'll go for a play/exercise walk. We live in Florida and they are both small dogs, I fear for their health staying out too long, and she always seems so hot when we come back in.

Anyone else have a picky potty pooch? I don't like to make her hold it longer, but I also don't want to over heat her keeping her outside longer when it's almost 100 degrees and the sun is beating down on the ground.
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My peke will pee within 30 secs of touching the grass and my saying, "Go potty." Pooing however requires a small walk behind our house. There is an empty lot that is fenced in, but the outside of the fence is a dirt area, and she'll only poo in this dirt area and not on the grass.
It might be a Chihuahua thing, lol. I have two Chi-mixes, and both of them are picky-poopers. It's quite silly to me.

When I first rescued Donatello, it took him 45 minutes sometimes to finally poop. He would squat, and almost do his deed, and then resume pacing for a few more minutes. He's not nearly as bad now, I used the q-tipping method for a long-time, to ensure I could make it to work on time, and I used it to help train "go poop". So by now he's not nearly as picky, well- he's still picky but a lot faster at finding a spot.

Miggy is picky, but when he finally makes the decision that he has to go, he'll finally succumb.

I would say she's just really picky, and I would encourage her to speed it up, and if she doesn't take her back inside for another 30-minutes to an hour and then try again. Doing that in-conjunction with q-tipping helped Donatello learn I mean business when I tell him to do his. :p
Muggsy would go anywhere outside, but Kabota won't poop unless we're at least 100' from the house. He's held in diarrhea to get that distance.

I have no idea why, but it makes rainy/cold/stormy days a bit exciting.
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