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Picking up our first pup tomorrow

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Me and my girlfriend are adopting a 4.5 month old cairn terrier mix. Wondering about a few things.

We have a cat, and were wondering about the best way to introduce them.

Since the puppy is already 4.5 months old, what should we try for a bathroom schedule? Should we still plan on waking up 2 times the first few nights? Or should we go straight to about 5 hours in between bathroom breaks?

Since this puppy has lived most of its live in a kennel, do you think crate training will be a bit tougher, since im sure she's slept and eliminated in the same pen, what the best way to attack this potential issue is it does arise?

Also, she is only 5lbs currently(not do to lack of nutrition, she's just a runt). Should we walk her with a harness, or would a normal collar leash be fine.
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We have obtained two of our dogs from breeders who had huge kennels of dogs for show. One was acquired at 4 months, the other at 8 years of age. With both of the dogs we found it best to start at the beginning, take them out every hour or two and assume they would pee in the house if given the chance so keep them supervised at all times.

Cat...good excecise for both of them as long as the cat has a place of its own. ut a gate across one room for the cat. That way when the cat has had enough of the game it has a quiet place of its own. Put the cat food in a place where the dog can't get to it...on top of the washer / dryer, in the safe room, etc. Also make plans for the litter box as most dogs love the "almond roca." We have ours in the furnace room in a part of the house where the dogs are not allowed.
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