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I have a pug, Billy (6 months) and I have been staying with my sister for the last month (broke leg and couldn't stay alone) who has a pug, Tommy (8 months).

Billy is really laid back and quite well behaved for a little guy. He is quiet, he listens pretty well and loves people...he is a sweet, calm 6 month old and I love that about him.

Tommy is also a nice little guy but he is just a bit more high strung than Billy. Tommy is more vocal he whines and whimpers more and he is also prone to more barking.

When I first got here, Billy would be asleep on the couch and Tommy would hear something and let out a big bark waking Billy up. Over time, however, Billy has now started to do the same. He will hear a creak in the house and will bark. Fortunately he has a really deep voice and his barks are more 'moomph' than anything else, but I don't like the fact that he gets all alert and will go running towards where he thinks the noise is coming from.

My sister lives on an acerage and the dogs go to a kennel for parts of the day to keep them safe and so they can play together. When you go to let them out, Billy used to just stand there excitedly, but not say a word. Tommy, on the other hand, would be going mental with the barking and whining (he has a really shrill bark/whine). Over the last several weeks, however, Billy is barking and whining a bit following Tommy's lead.

I am here for another week and then we are taking the 'boys' on a vacation together. Do you think these behaviours will stick or is it largely Tommy's influence, OR is it just that Billy is growing a bit older and starting to exert himself more?

Thanks for any input.
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