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I vote for Sunday. I imagine that you'll have the pup in a carrier that fits under your seat.

Various comments:
1. Assume that the pup will get car sick during the ride. She may not, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
2. You may consider a large loose shirt, so that she can sleep next to your skin while you drive. Some people can't do this.
3. I imagine the red eye is about 6 hours. Assume the pup may have to pee every 2 hours. Bring some towels and plastic bag. Plus, you have to provide water, b/c she will have to drink during the flight if she's awake.
4. At 9 weeks, you can still tire the pup before the flight by walking in the back yard and playing.
5. The flight will be more stressful for you than for the pup. She will whine b/c she has to pee, she is thirsty, hungry, or lonely. Satisfy those... and you will be much less stressed. On the other hand, people on planes love puppies, so if she whines, apologize,... then let people pet her, if you have sympathetic flight attendants.... most of them are sympathetic if you try to be respectful. And who can resist a cute puppy?

BTW, pls post pix after you get her...
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