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Pic of Baby Oliver...and question!

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Here is a picture of Oliver at about 8 weeks with my breeders daughter. Does anyone know when papillons ears start sticking up? His ears are still really floppy and don't seem like they are going to stand up at all. I don't think he is a phalene...because that's not really common and both his parents ears stand tall.

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At 4 months ours were definitely up. Your pup looks pretty big, boroad and chunky, for 8 weeks. I'm wondering if the breeder feels he may not meet breed standards and that is why she sold him. Are the parents AKC registered and at least one of them titled? Did you see the parents?

We have two papillons who are littermates and you would never guess it. The first one we got at 4 months old because she was "broad across the beam", heavy (10 pounds when I watch her diet closely) and too tall for the breed. Cally is mostly black and white but considered tri-colored because she has brown points above her eyes and on her cheeks. The second one we got after she finished a show career and whelped a few litters. She is small (3 pounds less)and petite, red and white, totally different than her "Helga-shaped" sister. Their parents were both AKC titled and beautiful dogs. So you can get some "out of range" pups from the best of breeding stock. And we don't love Cally any less, she has been a great agility and obedience dog for my daughter in 4H.

Papillon = butterfly in French with upright ears like a butterfly's wings, and the white stripe down the nose is supposed to represent the body of the butterfly.

Phalene = moth in French, since they fold their wings down, they usually still have the white stripe down the nose unless mis-marked.
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