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Pic of Baby Oliver...and question!

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Here is a picture of Oliver at about 8 weeks with my breeders daughter. Does anyone know when papillons ears start sticking up? His ears are still really floppy and don't seem like they are going to stand up at all. I don't think he is a phalene...because that's not really common and both his parents ears stand tall.

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About that age Bernard had a floppy ear. It took until about 12 weeks before his finally went up for the first time. He went a few weeks with one ear up and one ear down. Generally if the ears go up at all as a pup, the dog is a papillon, not a phalene and by the time he's done teething they should settle. Bernard's ears even now are much softer than the other dogs'. The ear leather is not nearly as stiff (which is a fault) and they tend to turn inside out a lot more. When he gets his ears wet, they will droop. There are also more earsets for papillons than just erect ears and dropped ears. None are correct but the term is a 'weak eared' dog for a dog with one ear up and one down or a dog with semi-erect ears. All that means is the dogs are not showable or breeding quality. I've known several dogs with confused ears. :p

Here's a couple (from google):

Do you know if phalenes are in the bloodline? I knew it was a possibility with Bernard as he has a phalene granparent on one side and a great grandparent on the other.

I am very partial to the papillon variety but one day I want a nice phalene. You just don't see many of them around.
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