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Victor switched up their formulas, what, maybe 6 months ago? You've tried 4 foods since then. Which makes it hard to say if season or activity might have an influence since (if I am loosely guessing right), neither the new Victor formula nor the foods since have been in place over multiple seasons.

I was OK with the Victor formula change but decided to try some other stuff anyways. Tried the American Journey Landmark (Chewy house brand) ultra high protein grain free stuff and Eva started to shed like crazy and itch. Shedding was insane for a short coated pitbull, enough that my Dad visited and worried if she was OK. Gave away the second bag of the BOGO offer for that and tried American Natural Premium Exhibitors Choice. Shedding went back to normal and her coat was nice once again. I'm going back to Victor (Hi Pro, not Nutra Pro this time) for the next bag of food though as it has still been the most consistent quality for digestion and coat. I like the American Natural food though and you might consider the "Endurance Plus" formula for Brae.

The other thought is that you go with the food that he digests best and try a supplement for coat.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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