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Help prevent tear stains in dogs and cats
who’s muzzle dips into their water as they drink

Pets Spark™ is proud to present our newest product the Pet Water Feeder.

The Pet Water feeder can be used by itself or in conjunction with Pets Spark™ in the fight against tear stains. There are many reasons known for the cause of tear stains, and one of the most common has to do with your pets source of water.

In many areas of the world the drinking water tends to have high mineral levels. If your pet splashes while drinking water from a wide dish, they often get their mouth and beard wet. The constant moisture in their fur combined with the high mineral content in the water is what gives the tear stain causing bacteria the perfect opportunity to grow. Your pets’ paws then act as a carrier for the bacteria by rubbing their muzzle with their paws and then transferring the bacteria to other areas such as the eyes.

This is where the Pet Water Feeder comes in. This product will work as a tool to prevent the bacteria that causes tear stains from ever having a chance to grow or reproduce by eliminating the source of the problem.

If you have noticed that your pets tear stains have started around their mouth or muzzle the Pet Water Feeder might be the right product for you.

Our Pet water feeder come in 2 sizes, a variety of colors and work for both dogs and cats.

The Pet Water Feeder has other beneficial features as well:

  • Ensures drinking water stays clean as it will not be exposed to outside elements.
  • Great for the busy pet owner because water will not evaporate away causing you to have to refill you pets water bowl twice per day.
  • Dual Pet Water Feeder acts as you pets food bowl, it is lifted slightly off the ground which prevent the infestation of ants inside you pets food.

Click here for Tips & Tricks on how to train your pet to use the Pet Water Feeder and to see pictures from our Pet Water Feeder Photo shoot with Dara the Maltese and Cassius the Cat
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