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So I wanted to share with everyone a product I found for removing stains. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. So, it goes without saying I have had every kind of stain you can think of. From vomit to urine, a kidney infection and lickmarks. I was getting really, really irritated, not so much by the stains, as they are expected with pets, but at the number of failed cleaning attempts. It seemed that the pet stores were flooded with products and different animals required different products. I would go to the pet store, buy something recommended for dog stains and try to clean the mess. A few days later the stain would still be viisble or the smell would return. Likewise, there are products out there for cats that work the same way. At one point I had accumulated 5 different specialty cleaning products, which first of all are wayyyyy too expensive, and second of all, didn't work.

After putting up with this for a while, I was introduced to a product whcih cleaned every stain - regardless of how old it was, or where it was (furniture vs carpet). It was explained to me that the problem with the other cleaners was that they were eaither soap based, or chemical based. With the soap based, you are essentially saturating the stain and sinking it deeper into the carpet. With chemicals, they lighten the stain but do not alter the particles which cause the smell. Because of this, what is needed is a product that sets into the stain, and breaks the bonds of it apart so that it can be lifted from whatever surface it is attached too.

The product that did this was Genesis 950. I use it for every accident I have now. With a bit of 950 and warm water, the stains and smells actually lift with a sponge. When I clean my entire carpet, I use a rug doctor and instead of buying their solution, use the Genesis 950. It makes my carpet and furniture look like new. I actually bought it in a garage the first time I found it. I was looking for something to remove paint from my carpets. I never expected such a find. I do order it online now at www.amerikalstore.com.

I am not much of a forum person, but I wanted to share this product with everyone who has gone through the pet cleaning nightmare. I was so frustrated by what was out there and the constant battle for finding something that works. This does work. After I used it and found how great it worked, I thought I would pass it on to you all to save you the time and money spent on products that don't work.

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