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Pet Insurance for Existing Conditions?

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A friend has a dog that will need $400 of dental work.

Are there any insurances that are cost effective and will cover teeth extractions? I imagine these would have to be covered under existing conditions?
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Pet insurance will not cover any pre-existing condition. If you know now that your dog needs dental work, no insurance is going to cover it. MOST have a waiting period and if something happens during that period, it won't be covered (other than injury).
Also, with most pet insurance companies dental isn't covered, unless you add it.

With my dogs, I don't have routine things covered because it doesn't cost any more than the insurance.
I did have routine things covered with my puppy because it would pay for all of his puppy shots, microchip and neutering. Once that is all done, I will drop that.
Where you come out on pet insurance is when you have the really big bills - orthopedic surgery, cancer treatment, etc., and the insurance company can't deny the treatment was necessary. received.
This is correct. One of my dogs was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in June. She had a few rather large vet bills. I only had to pay the deductible, then 20% after that.
A friend of mine has the same insurance company I use. She has a young-ish dog that has had many injury related issues, that needed extensive vet work, MRIs, and surgery. One year the insurance company paid out over $30,000 in bills for her one dog. She wouldn't have been able to treat her dog w/o insurance.
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