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Pet door

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My dog 2 1/2 female chihuahua has just leant to walk through a pet door but only when I lift the door open or the door is lifted by the tape. It’s been 3 weeks so I’d like to take a next step and I want her to open the door herself.
She’s not food/toy motivated so I don’t know how to train her from here.

One day, I left home for 3 hours without her. I got home found her outside soaking wet shaking. (It’s winter here and was pouring rain!) I checked a home security camera and saw she ran outside to look for me as soon as I left. Then she didn’t know how to get back in so she was by the pet door looking inside from there for the whole time I was out.
I tried it 2 days later and left her home alone n spied on her through the camera - she got out through her door but just doesn't go back in. She looked she was scared n didn’t know what to do.
So yes she knows how to get outside but doesn’t know how to get back inside.
Now, every time she needs/wants to go outside, I still open her door. (She goes out through her door by herself only when she is alone at home) Leave her outside until she comes back to her door and waits for me to open. So I don’t see the point of the pet door.
How do I train her?
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Contact a dog handler, and I think that he will train your dog with all the necessary commands in one month. Once I also had a Rottweiler dog, but she died a year ago, unfortunately. And so, just six months ago, my friends gave me a rabbit and a guinea pig. It was a new experience for me, and for just a few months, I studied everything about the nutrition of rabbits and guinea pigs almost every day. Funny fact, I didn't even know that rabbits and guinea pigs can't eat a lot of vegetables. If you give too much food, then there may be problems with the digestive system later.
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