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I am currently in MI and moving to TN the end of August. I am looking to do primarily flyball and agility - but I want a fast, drivey dog. One that speeds into the obstacles and is competitive and tries to win. I also dabble in lure coursing, dock jumping, rally, obedience, tracking and am looking into getting more into herding. I've met some really nice breeders but I don't see anyone with a number of performance pups coming out of their litters. I'm just wondering if overall the breed is suited for it or if there are certain lines/breeders that are more seriously looking at drive. I would really rather prefer a puppy but I am keeping an eye on rescue as well. I do a lot of foundation stuff with my puppies for their future, it's my favorite part of training - the puppy foundation - so I'd really like to do that with this dog too. If the dog is drivey enough, I'd like to also try PSA - if the dog enjoys it. I do IPO with my GSD. I appreciate your responses :)
Drive and speed (and Brains) will not be a problem with this breed. All of them that are sound are fast, and most lines are plenty drivey. In fact many ACD's have far too much drive for most people.

You start snooping around ACDs looking for a DRIVEY dog you might get more than you want rather than not enough.....

A few things about ACD's and the sports you mentioned....

Agility....... Handler position is vital or your will find yourself quickly out of position. The biggest problem with ACD's and Agility is drive and speed. They want to go FAST on the course. Clean runs are hard. As a rule the dogs do not see the importance in being precise.

Herding...... For trials... You do NOT want a DRIVEY ACD.... The breed was never meant to herd soft stock in confined spaces. They were bred to move rough wild cattle over long distances. Take a drivey ACD and put him in a trial environment and you are going to probably pay for a few sheep before you get him toned down. There are a BUNCH of ACD's out there that do great in trials. But they are not the driviest of the lot.... A stable medium to a little on the low side drive ACD with good instinct is best for trials. A lot of ACD's get herding titles later in life.... After 6 or 7.... When they have mellowed.
I am edgy any time my ACD Merlin has been on sheep in confined spaces. I am much more comfortable with him with a large flock of sheep in a large pasture. So much is going on that it keeps him from focusing too much on a single animal. My much less drivey older bitch does great on sheep in confined spaces. Conversely if you are pushing wild woods cattle out of bayheads, Merlin is your man... er dog.... He SHINES at that. I have yet to allow him on ducks. And do not see that happening.

Lure Coursing........ IMO ACD's are too intelligent for lure coursing. But the only experience I have is with my dog Merlin... We went to a fun run coursing event and paid for three runs. We were asked to leave before he got his third turn. Because after the first run, he figured out the game. On the second run he did not follow the lure line. Instead he ran across the field to the reel then back tracked down the line to the lure. Made a mess....

IPO..... There are not a lot of them doing protections sports. But the ones that are, tend to be very good at it. My dog hits like a frieght train and bites like a gator....

The thing is, I am President of a Regional ACD club and involved with the national club. I can get in some heat recomending a specific breeder. But there are plenty of good ones out there.
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