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Hi all!
So I have officially adopted George. He is a 2 year old Chihuahua that was found as a stray. He was pulled from the shelter by a local rescue because he was yappy in his kennel and the rescue didn't think he would be adoptable. Therefore, I don't know much about his upbringing, but he clearly has "imperfections" if you will, that I would like to correct in order to help HIM feel better, and help ME feel better.

Firstly, George is scared and not trusting of people. He only lets myself and my Mom touch him, pick him up, etc. Anytime anyone new approaches us, he gets tense, ears go up, and he starts barking uncontrollably. For example, we took him to the dog park the other day because he LOVES other dogs (thank goodness). However, any time a human reached down to try to pet him, he gets defensive, steps back, and starts barking. This makes it challenging for us to have people come over, or take him in public. His foster Mom whom he lived with for about 2 months kind of *enabled* this behavior if you will. She never really took him out places because she knew he'd react to people, and she had anyone and everyone avoid him and not touch him. To be honest, I think this further worsened his fear instead of starting the process of teaching him that humans are okay, and it's okay for people to approach you (George) and owner (me/Foster Mom).

Second, he's still showing signs of food aggression. He's been with us for 10 days now, and I have been working on his food issues for about a week now, but he is still possessive. The other day, we were in the car and he had a chew stick in his car seat. I tried to take it away from him as I didn't want him to finish the whole thing at once and get sick... needless to say he was not thrilled. He growled and snarled at me and quite frankly, I didn't know what to do. So I just let him have his treat...

Any and all advice is welcome! Like I mentioned, he's only lived with me for a little over a week, so i'm hoping that with time, he'll learn to trust me and trust others too. I really want to be able to have people over comfortably without him trying to attack them. Timmy (my other dog) is super friendly with anyone and everyone, so I take him out in public all the time. I want to be able to do the same, but I want George to feel comfortable and not be threatened by strangers.
Thanks all!
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