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Recently at work we got a boarder who came in nearing the end of her heat cycle and the owner brought peppermint oil spray for her bum to help deter dogs from mounting her. Obviously with her in heat we aren't going to risk it and her being allowed at the facility even in solo care is a different story that we won't go into and is irrelevant to the question I have.

Question is, does this actually work at all? Has anyone tried this with their dogs who tend to get targeted when at social dog gatherings or even in multi dog homes? I can't imagine it would do much with a dog who is actually in heat, but working with dogs I have come to realize that it's often just specific dogs who get this kind of undesirable attention, and often it's a submissive neutered male. Even my female spayed Pit tends to get mounted a lot, thankfully she makes is very clear this is unacceptable.

Obviously this is more of a training issue on the part of the dog who is mounting other dogs, in a perfect world this would be addressed by the dogs owner, but that aside I am just curious of the options for this issue.
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