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Peeing in water bowl?

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Hello! About 2 months ago, I found a tiny puppy that was abandoned on the side of a road near my house. He was covered in fleas and ticks and could barely walk. The vet said if he was out there any longer he wouldn’t have made it and also informed me he was deaf and partially blind. Now that he’s a little older and in good health, I’ve noticed he’s quite a weird puppy haha. Potty training has been going pretty good except for one thing. He likes to play and splash in his water bowl then immediately pee right after. He’ll do this even if I’ve taken him out to use the bathroom just minutes before. He does this every time he goes to drink. Sometimes he’ll even pee in the bowl. Other than this he never goes to the bathroom in the house. Any ideas on why he does this or how to stop it? (Also, we really have no clue what breeds he could be so any ideas? Thanks!)


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Get a raised water bowl or, a dog water bottle, something he can't play in. Give him a kiddie pool outside to play in the water.
Yes, get a bowl that he can't play in, or perhaps just a smaller bowl. If there's still an issue, pick up the water bowl and only offer him water on a schedule when you can supervise. A frequent schedule, of course, but he probably shouldn't be left unattended around his water bowl if he's going to play and pee in it. I'm kind of guessing he'll grow out of it on his own, as well.
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