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Did I read correctly? She's eight years old? Did you mean eight months old?
If she is 8 years old, I would definitely schedule a vet check up. Not being able to hold it may be the result of a health issue in adult dogs.
Regardless of her age, it's ok to keep her crated. Many people here do. When dogs are crated, they usually just sleep anyway. Actually, when dogs are left alone, they do a lot of sleeping, too, as their human isn't home, and many dogs don't tend to play unless someone is there to play with them. So, if the majority of the time is going to be spent sleeping, what difference does it matter if it's in the crate?
Then, when you get home, that is awake time, when the dog is more active.

On the other hand, some dogs pee because they get anxious when left alone. Do you leave toys in the kitchen with her? Have you ever left a frozen, stuffed kong for her? Those kind of things might keep her mind off being alone, in case she's peeing out of anxiety.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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