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pee to much

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Ok our puppy schnoodle is 3.5months old and YES i know they can't help it if the pee in house. We have been house training her and she did very good she goes out when she needs to. But one day and today she would pee in house than we would take her out and she would pee up to 5 times. She is drinking normal and eating normal. We take her out like every hour. She does good its just a day a few weeks ago, and today she did this pee all day thing. Is it something to worry about?

she knows its bad to go in house she sits and looks up at you with a upset face and hunches over knowing she did bad. and a bad thing about this is, she pee on my dad <_< today.
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It might be a bladder infection. If she's still doing it tomorrow you should take her to the vet.
Ok thanks, she was just at the vet yeasterday dang. But for a bladder infection would she of done this pee thing one day a few weeks ago and than do good till today?
I would definitely say you need to go to the vet to see about a bladder infection.

In the mean time, though, try a couple of tablespoons of plain non-fat yogurt every few hours. Make sure you get the kind with live cultures. If it's a low grade infection, it's possible you might be able to treat it this way. If it's not a bladder infection at all, then no harm done - yogurt is good for dogs!

Disclaimer: I'm not a vet, vet tech or associated with a vet practice in any way. This is just how I treated what I think was a low grade bladder infection in my dog AFTER the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her.

Good luck!
Since you have just had her to the vet than call and see if your can just bring a urine sample in. Your can catch urine in a clean tupperware type container and drop it off at your vet's for a urinalysis.
Oh ok cool, i'll call in the morning.
I have a 5 month old schnoodle who pees 2-3 times outside and still goes in the house, she did have a UTI and that has been taken care of and now I think she does it out of habit. It's frustrating to deal with, but I am working with her to get her to just go outside, so I know the feeling. Good luck!
WOW ok, well i'll let you guys know what the vet says.
I would say most dogs are not housebroken by three months. If there is no evidence of a UTI, then you just need to keep up with your training routine until there are no more accident-days.
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