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Pee time?

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How long can I expect my 2yr old lab to "hold it". I let her out in the yard (her usual spot) about 9-11pm and assume she can make it to at least 6am. When she comes to get me about 4am, I want to be sure it's okay to let her hang on for a couple of hours. It's hard to tell if she's getting me up for 'gotta pee' or 'hey are you awake yet?' (Every day is a party to her) :p She's in excellent health. I haven't checked with the vet yet to see if there's a problem but she's always done this now and then.
My other dog didn't pee for 18hrs once. We had a big storm and it was raining so much she didn't want to go outside. :D We kept trying to take her out but she dug in her heels and just wanted to stay warm and dry inside.
Basically, generally speaking, how long can a normal, healthy dog 'hold it'?
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I do the opposite. I get up and put the dogs out and watch to make sure they pee. Then back to bed, no treats, no fun. If I am really annoyed breakfast will be 1/2 hour later than usual. I only respond to the pre dawn demands every 1/2 hour. Even old sick Sassy doesn't need to pee that much!
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