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Recently I was looking at a females pedigree. She is from 4 generations of brother to sister breedings. The original bro & sis pair are bred off a male in basically a straight forward 3x father daughter breeding so in 4 gen pedigree they are bred 4x on him then there is the original bitch he was bred to in thier 4th (which would be 8th of the female Im looking) who was his Aunt.

I do a lot of ped research but my computer is down so hrs of painstaking work to figure blood % how many times a dog appears and in which generation, avk %, ect

I saw this pedigree and wanted to figure the specs and knew by ushng basic math it would be easy. Being that there are only 2 dogs in the 4th and they are bred the same.

Moving along to the point more I easily figured she is 64xs the male in 5 to 8. He has 2 dogs in the 3rd (eli and spook)that appear 3x each. As his sire is from a bro sis breeding and his dam is off their other bro. Remeber he was bred to his aunt so eli and spook are in her 2nd. Eli is 5x inbred on a male and Spook is 7x inbed on that male.
So I figured them as being 208xs in the pedigree each in 8th to 11th gens. The male they are bred on 2496 in the 10 to 13th gens. He is inbred on a bitch 3x in 3 generations as he is from a half sibling/uncle to niece breeding. Which puts this bitch a whopping 7488 in the 12 to 15th generations. I was very surprised.

After this recently I read Dr Bells ins and outs of pedigrees on the web. He has a pedigree analysis on one of his dogs. Looking I saw some dogs over a houndred thousands times and one over 297 thousand times I thought that was extreme until I saw one at over a million. And I thought almost 7500 was a lot wow. He said it isnt uncommon for founding dogs to appear hundreds of thousands of times. I wondered how true it is. For anyone who has done that extensive of pedigree research and varies from breed Im sure. Depending on how many foundation dogs for the breed. Some have very few others a lot.
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