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Pedicure dremels buyer beware

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Peticure dremels buyer beware

NOTE: This is a peticure NOT pedicure as title states!!!

I ordered a peticure dremel Oct of last year with a 2 year warrenty. I thought it was a good idea for young or small dogs, dogs w/ fear issues, and dogs w/ lots of fringe on feet that hair might wind up in a regular dremel. Knowing the amount of use it would get in the shop I ordered the "high power" one, 69.00 and approx 8 uses later the motor locked up, I sent it back and they sent me a new one which lasted a whopping 3 months and locked up again. Now mind you I dont use it on large nails nor do I use it exclusively, I have a Craftsman dremel I use most of the time.
I called the company and told them that I would like my money back she told me that I was past the 30 day return policy. I told her that the first lock up was past the 30 days and the second one had the same problem.
Long story short they refused to stand by their product so I am informing all groomers BEWARE of both peticure and pedipaws they are very, very weak in the motor ( any pressure slows motor ) and they cant with stand more than 8-12 dogs use before lock-up occurs. And you will not get your money back.
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Are you talking about the Dremel rotary tool, the Dremel Pet Nail Groomer, the Pedicure, or the Pedipaws? These are four entirely different products (actually, more, as there are about a half-dozen different versions of the Dremel rotary tool).

Dremel is the name of the manufacturer, not the tool. The various Dremel rotary tools are sold in the hardware section - they're not meant home repair, but you certainly can use them on pets (I have the Minimite 4.8V cordless model, which works beautifully). The Dremel Pet Nail Groomer is meant for pets, and runs on 4 AA batteries; from the reviews I read, it has sufficient power, but runs through AAs almost instantly.

The Pedicure is the tool designed for human feet, and the Pedipaws is meant for pets; from what I've heard, both are severely underpowered and unreliable.
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