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Definitely a trip to the vet is in order. Imagine how miserable you would be if your feet were so itchy you were scratching them raw.

My dog has similar symptoms and she received a Cytopoint shot which has done wonders, but only your vet can tell you if that's appropriate for your own dog.

My dog has always been yeasty no matter what we try - raw diet, supplements, allergy meds, etc. The only thing that combats the dermatitis on her paws and the yeast infections in her ears (at lesat prior to the Cytopoint, which she only received a few days ago) is keeping them clean and dry. This means she gets booties on when she goes outside for extended periods of time, and we dip her paws in epsom salt water twice daily (morning and night), along with every morning after breakfast I smear a combo of hydrocortisone and antibacterial cream in between her toes/pads. For the ears, we use Zymox and a rinse for swimmers ear to keep them clean, dry, and not inflamed.

Initial recovery will take a bit. If we slack on her regimen and her paws get itchy and irritated again, it takes 3-4 days on double duty management to return to normal. Booties help tremendously to keep them from licking/chewing until you can get it under control. The Cytopoint is hopefully going to make it so we don't have to be so crazy about keeping her paws clean lol.
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