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Parvo Survivor

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well im new here so i hope im posting in the right section. :)

I just had a puppy survive Parvovirus and I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a possibility she could catch it again, even though i cleaned up everything once she left to go to the vet, but shes home now.
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hello and welcome to the forum
glad to here your pup made it
i am not sure if they can get it again i am sure someone out there will have an answer
No, she can't get it again.
Your best bet is to make a list of concerns and call your vet. Here is a link with information on parvo.
I am so so happy your little one survived parvo (no small feat.) Please post pictures of your puppy we would all love to see the little bugger!
Ok thank you!
i called my vet and he said she wont get it again, but i had to be sure i cleaned up so any other dog wont get the virus.
& heres a picture i took of my little Amber[to the left] with Angel, dont let their faces fool you lol.

& heres Amber a month ago & a few hours before we found out that she had the terrible virus.
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She is a baby doll!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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